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Who We Are

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono

We are a team of passionate musicians strongly believing this fact that the Music has ability to transform people in to something better so the society. We started this journey of bringing music to the lives of people in Apr 2017 with strong commitment to deliver the excellence in quality music training.

Our Music Training Center fosters a culturally rich environment that attracts and nurtures students into professional artists. We are equipped with 7 permanent music studios teaching different instruments such as Drums, Guitars, Keyboard/Piano, Arabic instruments, Indian-Western-Arabic Vocals & DJ. We also have 2 Performance Rooms to facilitate the exhibition of skills of the students.

We provide a variety of instructional and performance opportunities conducive to emotional, intellectual & creative growth of all ages and levels of musician ship.

What We Do

We Provide platform to ignite the passion and love for music in students by learning and performing the art not only for self-attainment but also to exhibit the skills at different venues and musical events.

The exciting musical journey with us will set the right path for students and also build personality with self-confidence, better cognitive skills, concentration, team spirit and overall emotional wellbeing.


Our Pedagogy based on three inherent elements

  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Our contemporary approach of coaching with interactive and performance oriented syllabus and effective mentoring by teachers will help students upkeep 'Excellence' throughout their musical journey.

    With us, the students would feel the difference of before and after music. We offer such 'Experience' to the students by providing state of the art facilities at our training center and opportunities to perform on live concerts, spark up the magical moments which make them feel like a 'Rock-Star'

    Our endeavoring efforts bringing versatile opportunities to give them 'Exposure' to the music world beyond the imagination like :

    1. Exchange Programs With internationally acclaimed bands/musical organizations
    2. Musical Fusion of east and west and take them to next levels in musical journey.
    3. Grouping top performers in to Rock & Pop Fusion Bands to play in schools, concerts, community centers.


    Irina Yaremchuk- Western Vocals

    Graduated from Music University in Ukraine by name Glier, Irina has immense experience as a faculty in Pop & Rock vocals. She is an enthusiastic teacher who strives for the success of her students. Her love for music and teaching allows her students to feel free to grow as performers in a comfortable and nurturing environment. She is a Second prize winner of International vocal competition Varna Bulgaria, One year of work in the Art Club (Club style, show performing) Nanjing China,6 years of experience with music band (pop, jazz, lounge, pop rock style) Shanghai, Nanjing China and Finalist of casting TV show < Voices of China. Irina’s teaching style is inspired by recognizing and developing individual potential. It enables her students to learn in a fun and creative environment, helping them open both vocally and artistically.

    Feruza Sultonova- Piano/Keyboards

    Feruza is an aspiring classroom teacher and currently teaches private and group piano lessons to students of all ages; even as young at 5 years old. She loves to teach and spread her knowledge of music to all her students. Feruza is energetic, insightful, resourceful, and dedicated to helping children reach their full musical potential. Being a diligent educator is important to her, firmly believing music enables students to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning; to establish craftsmanship, imagination, and motivation. She provides effective methods in analyzing and comprehending musical structure and techniques so that her students may progress in the most efficient way at their skill level.

    RicardoBaretto-Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Bass

    Ricardo has been teaching guitar, music theory and musicianship since 2006 and at Modern music Show since 2017. Ricardo never misses a lesson and has a very low turnover rate. He teaches popular and classics and contemporary music, and effectively prepares students for school recitals, Trinity exams and university auditions. Ricardo believes in comprehensive music education and his lessons include technical work, ear training, rhythmic training and music theory. He also believes that young children learn by playing fun and simple games to develop technical and musical skills. Above all he strives to teach his students how to practice so they can work independently of a teacher over the week between lessons.

    Mark Jamelo- Acousitc/ Electric Guitars

    With 12 years of acoustic and electric guitar experience as both a performer and an instructor, Mark is versatile across pop, rock, jazz, classical and blues rock genres. He HAS BEEN WORKING WITH Modern Music Show since 2018 and is currently the lead guitar player at weekly events in one of Dubai's foremost hotels - The Gloria. This involves playing in front of audiences of between 3000 and 4000 people every week, collaborating in a cross-cultural setting with a range of musicians and more recently, being promoted to a Music Coordinator role in recognition of his management and leadership skills. Playing by ear is Mark's specialty, and this method can be taught by him with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of guitar modes, scales, arpeggios and lead guitar technique. Mark's patient and kind approach has made him successful as a private tutor, as a team player and as a leader in band and group settings.

    SurajBhartti-Indian Vocals-Hindustani/Classical

    Suraj has been God gifted and belongs to the Gharana Khandan of Indian Hindustani & classical music. He has been a teacher who is trained by his Grandfather who is an idol for many upcoming Indian singers in the Indian music Industry. He has been a former teacher with Shankar Mahadevan Academy and has been a performer on different venues and including Radio channels. Suraj has been awarded as an excellent vocalist at numerus National Events including the performance at the Indian Consulate in U.A.E. He has been teaching Hindustani, classical and Bollywood singing styles for all age groups. All his lessons are catered to the needs and skill levels of the students. He is guided by the student’s goals to create specific lesson plans. He uses all the knowledge from preforming on stage.

    Amar Al-Moghrabi- Acoustic Guitars Arabic

    Ammar is a musician with almost over twenty years of music-related experience and over 5 years as a teacher. He specializes in teaching guitar and piano. Studying and teaching music made him able to teach different ages between 5 years old to elder. Due to his experience, he can deal with children and with his special learning techniques, help his students find a comfortable, enjoyable, and achievable environment. His goal as a professional music teacher is teaching his students the main aspects of music and strive to grow the children’s interest through expanding their vision by instructing them in instrumentation and general music theory. By working carefully at each student style, he makes sure to use a different method according to each student personality. So, he create a fun learning environment and help them achieve their goals. He is also capable of participating in music shows or events. One of his experience was playing as band with his brother in poetry nights.

    Anas Al-Moghrabi - Oud/Violin/Ukulele Arabic

    Anas is a musician with almost over twenty years of music-related experience and over 5 years as a teacher. and specialized in teaching Oud(Arabic Instrument) Violin and Arabic Singing. With his special learning techniques he help his students find a comfortable, enjoyable, and achievable environment. Through all these years, he has been fortunate enough to educate a diverse group of ages.

    His goal as a professional music teacher is teaching his students the main aspects of music and strive to grow the children’s interest through expanding their vision by instructing them in instrumentation and general music theory. By working carefully at each student style, he make sure to use a different method according to each student’s personality. Anas create a fun learning environment and help his students achieve their goals in individual as well as in group lessons.

    Kushal Bharatia

    The Operations Manager of Modern Music Show DMCC, is an avid music composer, arranger, producer, director,teacher, pianist, singer,writer and many things and almost all things related to music, name it and he could have been a part of it. Always been an explorer in the field of music and no fame or lime light just a real essence is what he aims. Was always focused on the music and continued to grow since then. Also feels socially responsible with in his reach and performed for many shows for charity and social services.

    Multi genre and multi-instrumentalist, he is very keen of exploring all talents no matter big or small names. Being able to play the piano as his mastered instrument also is a Tabla, guitar, drums and other small instruments. As a YouTuber performed many covers in multi-language and many genres combined with many artists. Usually composes and writes and also prefers to engineer his own songs. Background scores for short films, jingles and lot many animated and non animated film ads. Engineered songs for many artists and bands locally and regionally.


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