For the courses subscribed by "STUDENT" and his parent/legal guardian (herein after called "CONTRACTEE") herewith this document, the following terms and conditions of MODERN MUSIC SHOW DMCC(here in after called as "MMSD") apply exclusively to this contract applicable to the "CONTRACTEE".
The "CONTRACTEE" hereby declares that these terms and conditions have been read and understood by him/her and that he/she agrees fully with them.
1. Commencement of Course and Course Fee:
1.1. This contract shall valid only upon payment for the subscribed course fee as agreed by the "CONTRACTEE", and shall be effective from the date of signing the contract till the completion of last scheduled lesson for the subscribed course. Without payment of agreed fees, course can not commence for the "STUDENT".
1.2. The Registration, course fee or any other fees under this contract is subjected to 5% of VAT.
1.3. For all the fees paid by the "CONTRACTEE", he/she must obtain and preserve valid receipt/invoice from "MMSD" for any future reference. Without receipt/invoice, the payments cannot be validated/acknowledged by "MMSD" for the subscribed course.
1.4. The Registration fee, course fee and any other fees paid as part of this contract is non-refundable and non- transferable by any means.
1.5. All courses will take place as per course schedule set to that particular course, and "STUDENT" will have to complete the total number sessions of the subscribed course with in the specified time period set forth as below:
Melodies (4 Sessions Per Month) 6 Months
Harmonies (8 Sessions Per Month) 3 Months
Chords (12 Sessions Per Month) 2 Months
Others (As per Specific Course Plan) As per Specific Course Plan
1.6. Upon registration to a course, "CONTRACTEE" will receive an email to the email address provided by "CONTRACTEE" at the time of enrollment. "CONTRACTEE" must verify the receipt of this email to ensure future communication/updates about the course/classes/ from MMSD.
2. Amendments, Cancellations & Termination of the Contract:
2.1. If any session to be rescheduled, a prior notice of at least 24 hrs is required in advance. Same shall be requested by email to to schedule a makeup lesson within the same week or subsequent week. No rescheduling is permitted in this case beyond two weeks from the date of actual session date. Maximum makeup sessions allowed are as follows:
Melodies (4 Sessions Per Month) One Makeup Session Per Month
Harmonies (8 Sessions Per Month) Two Makeup Sessions Per Month
Chords (12 Sessions Per Month) Two Makeup Sessions Per Month
Others (As per Specific Course Plan) As per Specific Course Terms
2.2. If "STUDENT" fails to fulfill above requirements, same session will be forfeited and same cannot be rescheduled.
2.3. The "CONTRACTEE" can freeze the course for a period of maximum one Month, allowed only once in a year without any charge. The subsequent freezing of any duration is chargeable extra.
2.4. The "MMSD" reserves the right to cancel the contract at its own discretion in following circumstances, and in such cases all the registration and other charges paid to "MMSD" will be forfeited and cannot be reimbursed: 2.4.1. "CONTRACTEE" fails to pay course fee in full or part of it as agreed on the date of signing the contract. 2.4.2. "STUDENT" fails to complete the course on their personal ground within specified duration as indicated in above section 1.5.
2.4.3. "CONTRACTEE" fails to fulfill the minimum decorum and code of conduct as indicated in below Section 3 during the tenure of this contract.
2.5. If any session cancelled/missed due to any unavoidable situation at "MMSD" including Teacher’s non- availability, "MMSD" will arrange substitute to complete the sessions as needed. This may include rescheduling or reassigning of the teacher within the same or alternate course duration.
2.6. The "MMSD" reserves the right to amend the course schedule or lessons delivery mode(Class Room Based or Online) as and when situation arises according to guidelines of regional government authorities.
3. General Code of Conduct & Guidelines:
3.1. At "MMSD" we provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination of any kind such as race, religion or gender. "CONTRACTEE" must respect the staff, teachers, facilities, books and resources provided to assist them in completion of the course.
3.2. "CONTRACTEE" shall not offer gifts or bribe or any similar benefits in conjunction to the "MMSD" products, services and activities, and "MMSD" is not liable for any damage/losses due to such willful acts of the "CONTRACTEE" by any means.
3.3. "STUDENT" may showcase their learning in most possible healthy way, being the ambassador for the good practices of "MMSD" in the local area of the "CONTRACTEE", but shall not do any willful acts to damage brand and reputation of "MMSD" by any means.
3.4. For any 3rd party products/services for which "MMSD" is affiliated with, "MMSD" is not liable for the quality assurance/disputes, hence same shall be dealt directly by "CONTRACTEE" with relevant supplier/service providers.
3.5. To qualify for any "MMSD" or 3rd Party assessments/examinations, "STUDENT" must fulfill the qualification criteria set by the examination board/s.
3.6. "STUDENT" must participate actively in "MMSD" events and activities as and when planned which is considered for evaluation of "STUDENT" for an assessment.
3.7. The visitors accompanied by "CONTRACTEE" must register in visitor log. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted into premise.
3.8. "MMSD" may use the pictures, videos or any such material related to "STUDENT" for the purpose of promotional activities. Signing this contract by "CONTRACTEE" gives his/her consent to the same.


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